SAM 3G - The Student Auscultation Manikin - Light

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Company: Nasco Nasco


SAM 3G software now includes various levels of upgrades that customers can choose from. The following software features are included with all upgrade levels.

  • Learn heart, breath, and bowel sounds
  • Easily moved into a classroom or auditorium for group instruction
  • Carotid pulse
  • Large library of sounds includes 25 heart, 27 breath, 10 heart/lunch combos, 16 bowel, and 6 bruit sounds, all heard at the correct anatomical location (both anterior and posterior), along with 16 heart/breath combination sounds
  • Software includes phonocardiograms, correct anatomical locations, and written lessons for each sound
  • Software interface is easy to navigate
  • Updated manikin look
  • Pre-program your own password-protected lectures and scenarios
  • Smart classroom/auditorium ready
  • Customized volume adjustments
  • Includes male manikin, Dell laptop computer with selected SAM 3G software installed, lesson guide, and operator’s manual
  • Allow extra delivery time

SAM 3G (Student Auscultation Manikin - 3rd Generation) Enhanced Software Package

  • Computer software interface includes 24 Case Videos, a Real Sounds Library with 24 sounds, 12 Echo-cardiogram Videos, and ECG waveform for heart sounds
  • Case videos contain clinical interactions between doctors and patients for various conditions
  • Watch a case video and practice listening to the SAM for a life-like simulation
  • Create and save your own case videos
  • Real sound library contains sounds recorded from live patients
  • Provides more realistic clinical setting training to train students in cardiac auscultation
  • Echo-cardiogram videos associated with various heart conditions are recorded from live patients
  • An ECG waveform is displayed with various heart sounds to help identify S1
  • Includes pediatric sounds like ASD, PDA, VSD, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary stenosis, and Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Pre-installed laptop software contains all enhanced software features

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