PerSim™ Augmented Reality Medical Simulation

Category: Educational and Simulation Labs ,,, SubCategory: Nursing and Medical Simulation
Company: Nasco Nasco


  • Provides an immersive, realistic simulation experience that helps challenge clinical assessment and decision-making skills
  • Can depict subtle visual cues to help develop the experience level of clinicians to immediately recognize the severity of illness in patients
  • Enables the creation of highly realistic, high-stakes clinical scenarios in a variety of settings
  • Projects a 3-D virtual patient using innovative holographic technology
  • Animated holographic model is designed to lay over traditional procedure manikins
  • Perform procedures on the manikin while being able to see the realistic depictions of clinical states using augmented reality technology
  • Accurately depicts subtle changes in a patients physical appearance
  • Examples:
  • In respiratory distress animations, simulator slowly increases respiratory rate and engages accessory muscles in a realistic way to demonstrate increased effort to breathe
  • Can accurately depict a floppy, septic child that then degrades into a generalized tonic clonic seizure
  • Shows differing degrees of diaphoresis and cyanosis, from a small amount of sweat on the forehead to full body involvement
  • Mix and match animations and textures to create a myriad of clinical conditions in just minutes
  • Augmented reality technology reduces instructor involvement in simulations no verbal cues needed, just change the appearance of the simulation based on learners interventions
  • Allows learners to practice caring for critically ill patients in real-world environments in an ambulance, along the side of the road, or in an apartment
  • Sets up in just minutes
  • Overlays on both adult and infant manikins
  • Includes 2 halo lenses and 2 tablets (1 each for instructor and learner)

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